Working with designers to put some of the practical elements back into the design process that don’t come straight out of the can

Many designers at all levels have followed a “conventional” route into design.

School-> College/ University -> Employed CAD Drafting -> Design department

This results in a design process that takes a fundamentally good idea (usually at a price point determined by the Marketing department), designs it on whatever CAD system the company uses, tests that the product works through the FEA suite. Once happy with the design, the individual drawing are then sent to purchasing department for quotation.

It is only when the quotes come in from real life suppliers, that the head scratching begins as the cost of the products is two, three or more times the target price.

Brilliant though many CAD and FEA systems are, they are fundamentally flawed as they can only give the designer what has been programmed into it.

We have numerous examples where we have proved by practical testing that the FEA results provided by customers are simply wrong both in magnitude and in failure mode.

We have redesigned products by taking the original design performance envelope requirements that the customer needed and providing a solution that meets (or exceeds) those parameter’s at significantly below the original design cost (thereby meeting the required manufacturing price point)

This is done through our “Design Support Agreement”

If you are prepared to look at design through a different Prism get in touch

Please note:

  • Our expertise lies predominantly in metal based engineered products
  • We are only a small team and we focus very much on providing workable solutions, whilst we are happy to explain our service at any time, we have a finite resource to undertake projects

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